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1. Introduction

These guidelines describe how the website deals with personal data in the online store / service.
With personal data we mean data that can be used to identify individuals. If you have any questions related to these guidelines, please contact us by sending an email to the owner of the website. 

2. Collection and use of personal data

When you register as a user of the service, you provide information that we store in connection with your use of the service. We may use this information to offer you service and offers to calculate settlement to content providers and to improve the online store. The phone number you enter when registering is used to confirm that you are resident in the correct country 

3. Sharing information with third parties

We only share your personal data with third parties in the following cases:

a) Once you have given our consent. This applies, for example, to Facebook (as further described in item 9 below) or otherwise you have given our consent.

b) We share your payment data with our settlement partners who make payment.

c) when we engage third parties to provide services for us in connection with the operation of the service. In such cases, you will still be responsible for your personal data and make sure that the processing is in accordance with these guidelines and applicable laws.

d) when required by law or public order.

We will never sell your personal data to third parties or allow third parties access your personal data for their own purposes. 

4. Communication

If you have provided your email address or phone number, we will use this information only to communicate with you about conditions relevant to your service and your use of this. This applies to receipts for payment, information about changes to the service, changes to the User Agreement, and these policies. We will not use this information to send you information about third-party services.

We send our newsletter to our users and similar information to our users. You can at any time notify us that you no longer wish to receive such information. 

5. Log files

The use of service and visits to our web sites is logged in to the servers log files. These log files contain the IP address of the device that used the service or the website along with the time of use and information about which resource was requested. If you are logged in, the log file can also contain a reference to your user profile.

The log files are used to create anonymous user statistics, which are used to calculate settlement against content providers and to analyze the use of the service. 

6. Use of cookies

When you visit our web pages, we may send one or more cookies to the device you are using. We use these cookies to provide login to the site, to remember user selections, and to account for user trends.

We use both temporary cookies and cookies that are also stored after the browser is closed. You can delete cookies on your browser at any time and prevent cookies from being stored, but this may reduce the functionality of your site and may lead you to no longer use the service. 


7. Security

We securely store your data on equipment as limited and protected. Only a limited number of people have access to this equipment and only people who need it have access to your personal data 

8. Storing personal data

We store your personal information as long as necessary for the purposes described in these guidelines. When data is no longer required, data will be deleted or anonymized in a secure and permanent manner. In cases where we under current law are obliged to store the data for a longer period than we ourselves need access then access to this data will be blocked. 

9. Abuse of service

If there is a suspicion of abuse of the service, we may combine data obtained pursuant to these guidelines with other information to determine if there is an abuse, the extent of the abuse, and who is behind. 

10. We comply with laws and regulations

We will always process your personal data in the manner described in these guidelines and always in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. In Norway this is primarily the Personal Information Act of 2000 and its corresponding regulations. 

11. Changes to these guidelines

The service is subject to constant improvement and future changes may affect the way we process your personal information. These policies will be updated to reflect such changes, changes to laws and regulations or other changes to the way we handle personal data. 


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